Spool - Threadbare Productions
Engage theater.

Threadbare's mission

We produce great plays anywhere we can perform them, for all to see. Our goal is to make the theater accessible to all audiences by keeping energy high and ticket prices low.

How are the performances different from "normal" theater?

Threadbare's performances are low-tech - we typically do not employ lights or prerecorded sound, and our simple costumes embody the essence of our characters.

For Shakespeare in particular, audiences are encouraged to be active participants in our shows. Before the production begins, we spend a few minutes with the audience explaining how they can participate and when it is appropriate to do so. Sometimes we even bring audience members up on stage!

What's this "unrehearsed First Folio" stuff all about anyway?

Shakespeare and his troupe regularly traveled and performed in any space that available to them, including not just theatres but squares, meeting halls, and any yard that was big enough. With First Folio technique, we try to mirror how this troupe operated - each player is responsible for his own preparation and performance with minimal rehearsal. There was no need for a director as Shakespeare structured the roles in his plays to be easy to grasp and perform instantly.

We perform in this style using the First Folio text, creating an engaging, unique, and typically unruly experience in every show.

Can Threadbare perform for me?

Absolutely! We will perform in any space that is quiet enough for unamplified speaking, indoors and outdoors.

Contact us for more info at info (at) threadbareproductions (dot) com.